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We provide highly effective and immediately actionable leadership, people and cultural analysis applicable to:
  • Risk reduction for investments, mergers and acquisitions (i.e. “people & cultural due diligence”)
  • Operational business performance improvement
We use uniquely insightful leadership interviews and company-wide questionnaires with an interactive dashboard showing areas for improvement (under and over performance)
We want our clients to be able to:
  • Base investment and improvement decisions on clear and in-depth insight into the opportunities and risks throughout the business
  • Immediately action the improvement areas that deliver efficient and sustainable improvements

Cultural Evaluation Reduces Risks for Mergers & Acquisitions

70-90% of M&A failures are due to an “acute lack of information” from people. The one major cause is cultural mismatch. Sources: McKinsey, KPMG, Forbes: multiple studies  


IQEMY provides a tailored application of Qeysights with in-depth insights for:
  • Cultural Evaluation to complete the M&A Due Diligence, enabling better decision-making about the cultural fit
And if the M&A comes to fruition,
  • Effective Integration through targeted change activities and ability use the areas of expertise and high performing teams within the companies to help the integration activities

Energy Mines & Money Conference, Brisbane June 2018
Levels of Change, From Adaptations to Paradigm Shifts

Our Focus

  • Help our clients gain insight into the level of the change (improvement opportunities), from adaptations to paradigm shifts

  • Provide a proven effective, modular approach to plan and implement the improvements

Updated Management Process

Based on new technologies and intelligence, we found that the traditional management process requires updating. This is one of our differentiators.
Plan Do Check Act

PLAN DO CHECK ACT is an iterative four-step management method used in business for the control and continual improvement of processes and products. It is at the core of Agile Project Management.

In this traditional process, planning is done prior to information gathering and analysis.  After this analysis, the plan always requires rework and updating. To us, this is wasted time and effort.


Our INFORM step provides in depth, organisation-wide insight into Leading Indicators that can be used immediately for targeted action and improvement plans. The internal experts pinpointed during this process can help shape and deliver improvements.

This allows the organisation to develop and implement efficient, effective and sustainable solutions, utilising its high performing teams and employees.


The ACT and CHECK process steps are the continuous improvement of INFORM, PLAN and DO which allows us to simplify the management process even further.

INFORM brings clear actionable insights, PLAN provides targeted improvement plans and DO is the coached implementation. CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT circles back to INFORM for updated insights; PLAN for updated plans; and DO for the coached implementation. 

The IQEMY team delivered excellent work on the ideation, visioning and development of both deployment/change management and execution plans of our Transformation Programme. It is my firm belief that this plan delivers a true global transformation and sets my department up for success. I am personally very proud of our team work and the aligned vision and approach to transformation that this work effort delivered.

Dr Carmen Letton, AngloAmerican plc